You are my miracle. My childhood hope. You made a praying girl out of me. I prayed to have you. All those months. When others were breaking up and moving away, when brokenness was all anyone knew. I prayed that we would stay. I knew I wanted your heart. forever. But I wasn’t sure how to make forever in a world of finite. So I prayed and prayed and cried and yelled and wrote and asked. For you. You’ll be my birthday wish and the hopes for my Christmas miracle for the rest of my days. I really can’t get over you. 



Im going to try. Try so hard tomorrow to make you see that you’re not just giving up a girlfriend. You’re giving up someone who would go through hell to make sure you had what you needed. Someone who no matter what, will look past every flaw you think you have, and love them. Someone who loves…

Its crazy how I still feel like this. How relevant these words are.

I woke up crying again, because you told me how much happier you were without me. I chased you every time I came home to try and win you back, and each time youd tell me I had no chance. Even if I never went back. I hate sleeping, on the rare occasions I actually fall asleep.